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Your college IT account

Tech-power to help you learn

Whatever course you're on, you'll be using our college network every day for everything from checking your timetable to submitting your work and doing your assessments. Our Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment will be a big part of your college life and you'll need to check your college email account regularly too. 

Colleges have been subject to serious cyber attacks. To protect our systems, you'll be using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when you log in to college IT systems on your phone or from home. Part of your induction will be getting your IT account up and running and making sure that your MFA is sorted.

MFA is not difficult but it will help keep your data and our systems safe. It will involve you installing a smartphone Authenticator app (free) and one click will get you online when you log in. If need be, we can issue you with an MFA device which does the same job (but a bit slower and clunkier!) if you don’t have a smartphone.

You'll get brilliant IT support here and access to loads of professional-standard software so your college career will definitely be tech-powered.