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T Levels: Information for Employers

What are T Levels?

T Levels are a new, 2-year qualification for 16 to 19 year olds. Designed with employers, each T Level is equivalent to 3 A levels and helps young people develop the knowledge, attitude and practical skills to thrive in the workplace. 

T Levels have been designed by employers, for employers, to deliver the skills your organisation needs. 

At the heart of each course, a 45-day industry placement will give you early access to the brightest talent entering your market. 

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Industry placements

Student using computing hardware and software side by side

Every T Level student completes an industry placement that lasts a minimum of 315 hours (approximately 45 days). Industry placements give you a unique opportunity to help develop new talent and get young people work ready.  

City College Norwich has ambitious and motivated T Level students ready for industry placements in the following areas: 

  • Business Administration
  • Construction and Building Services  
  • Digital and IT
  • Education and Childcare  
  • Engineering and Manufacturing 
  • Healthcare 

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Business benefits of industry placements

Industry placements give you early sight of the new talent coming into your industry. 

  • Industry placements are an ideal solution for entry-level skills. They can help you build a pipeline of talent for junior positions or apprenticeships. 
  • In an environment where staff are doing multiple roles and struggling to meet difficult deadlines, an industry placement student could help support a key piece of work. 
  • Young people can be an invaluable source of new and interesting ideas that can change the way you think about doing business.
  • Industry placements give you a chance to work alongside the next generation of workers entering your industry, making sure they develop the knowledge, attitude and practical skills to succeed. 

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How long do industry placements last? 

Industry placements can vary in length but must last for a minimum of 315 hours (approximately 45 days), not including lunch breaks. We expect most placements will last an average of 350 hours (approximately 50 days) although some will be much longer if required for a particular specialism. 

You can offer industry placements as a block, series of blocks, day release or a mix of these, depending on what works best for you, the college, and the student. If you are not able to offer the full 315 hours, you can speak to us about sharing part of the placement with another employer. 

What am I expected to provide during a student’s industry placement? 

Employers’ responsibilities include providing: 

  • a safe work environment 
  • opportunities for the student to develop their technical skills within your industry 
  • a line manager to support, supervise and mentor the student 
  • an induction which includes explaining relevant policies and procedures 
  • at the end of the placement, formal feedback on the student’s progress against the agreed learning goals 

We will make sure that students are ready for their industry placement and we will work with you to plan the industry placement to make sure it gives the student the experience they need to complete their course. 

Do I have to pay industry placement students for the work they do?  

Industry placements are part of a course and there is no legal requirement or expectation that students will be paid. However, you can decide whether or not to pay the student, and how much. 

Click here for more detailed guidance about how industry placements for T Levels work. City College Norwich will support you throughout the industry placement, including assistance with the necessary paperwork and support with designing the industry placement.  

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Get involved with T Levels

To find out more about taking a T Level student on industry placement, please complete the form below and a member of our Industry and Work Placement team will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can phone us on (01603) 773330.   

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