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City College Norwich Strategic Plan

Our Vision:

Challenging Norfolk through Learning

Our Mission:

Challenging your mind, inspiring your success and securing your future

City College Norwich is one of the largest colleges in England, with around 10,000 students and over 1,000 staff. In recent years our work has expanded across Norfolk and the region, through our work at Paston College and Easton College. With a turnover in excess of £55m, we are a major contributor to the economy of our region.

Our Strategic Plan for 2024-2028 provides us a clarity of purpose and sets out the key challenges and priorities for the college. Within the Strategic Plan we use 5 Strategic Themes to provide a coherent structure in addressing our challenges and maximising our opportunities.

Each year we will set refreshed annual Strategic Targets against these 5 Strategic Themes within our Accountability Agreement.

Our 2023/24 Accountability Agreement is here. 

Our 2024/25 Accountability Agreement is here.