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Getting to college 

 I need to buy a bus or train pass. What should I do? 

Our websites have all the information you need on the bus and train ticket offers we have.  Look for the Travel webpages. 

I’m not certain the best way to get to College? 

Each of our College sites has multiple ways to reach them.  The website has the latest information on bus routes and train timetables.  

I want to drive to College, is there student parking? 

Student parking is available on each site. Charges may apply and the number of spaces can be limited so we could encourage you to use public transport if you can to come to College. Walking and cycling are great for the environment as well as your health and buses and trains have less environmental impact than you coming in your car or on your motorbike.

How can I find out more?

John Gibson, our Student Transport Officer is available via a webform on the Travel webpages  or on 01603 773607 if you want to talk through your options.