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Things everyone always asks! 

Where can I get food and drink? 

On each of our campuses there are café facilities open throughout the day and providing a range of drinks and food.  It’s fine to bring you own food and drink on-site and many students choose to visit food outlets off-campus during breaks.  

Do I have to wear a specific uniform and is there a dress code? 

Some courses will require a specific uniform or specific clothing when undertaking particular activities, but you will be informed of those by your teachers.  Other than that, you are free to wear what you like. 

Can I leave campus in my breaks? 

For most students, you are free to leave campus when you are not in lessons.  There are plenty of places on campus to study and eat / drink but we know that you may want to stretch your legs.  A few students who may need support throughout the day from College staff remain on campus all day. 

Where can I study in between lessons? 

All sites have library and study spaces which include access to PCs and learning materials.  In addition many students make use of other informal spaces across the campuses to meet with students from their courses and study. 

How do I tell you if I’m ill? 

You call us on 01603 773311, select option 2 and report your absence.  This information then reaches your teachers.