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Introduction to Holistic Nutrition

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Would you like to learn more about holistic nutrition and the fundamentals behind the practice and effects of nutrition on the human body. Come to find out more from a registered holistic nutritionist, with over 10 years of experience. Looking into the connections of the mind and the body, with how to support and optimise the body's healing abilities, promoting overall health and wellness.

Week 1 – Digestion is the foundation of good health-
Optimize absorption of key nutrients, and manage symptoms of gut dysbiosis, digestive disorders, food intolerances, and leaky gut.

Week 2 – Gut-Brain Connection- How our microbiome affects our physical, mental and emotional health and steps to take to improve it.

Week 3 – Fluctuating Blood Sugar & High Cholesterol- Balance blood sugar levels and ‘good’ cholesterol for increased mental and physical energy, and overall better health.

Week 4 – Proteins, the Building blocks of life-Maintain muscle mass, bone health, strength, healthy hair, skin and nails are just a few benefits of a protein-rich diet.

Week 5 – Three Horseman of Ageing- We may not have control of our chronological age, but we can influence our biological age with nutrition and lifestyle choices.

5 week course, Tuesdays, one session each week 6-8pm

Entry Requirements

None, except a passion to learn or interest in health, well-being, nutrition or holistic practices.

Learning Outcomes

On this course, you will learn and understand what is involved in good nutrition, things that are best for your body and effective ways to improve your own nutrition, as well as invaluable knowledge to share with others.





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