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City College Norwich Strategy

City College Norwich has undergone substantial change in the last five years, responding to both national policy development and to local needs.

A progressive college with high aspirations

We have established ourselves as a progressive college and our aspirations remain high.

"Over the next five years, we are absolutely determined to become a college in the top ten nationally and that goal requires us to think and act differently"

What City College Norwich has achieved over the past five years

Over the last five years we have developed:

  • true responsiveness to the Student Voice through our extensive student representation systems, student governance and personalised learning model.
  • a critical focus on skills whilst retaining a broad curriculum including a range of academic subjects.
  • a new professional learning model focused upon application of learned skills within an industry standard, employer endorsed environment.
  • innovative ways of adding value to businesses (large and small), through, for example, the introduction of apprenticeships into workforce development plans and the development of bespoke learning provision tailored to an individual employer’s needs.
  • a comprehensive Quality Framework integrating both assurance and improvement, centering upon Peer Review.
  • a range of vocational kite marks, including National Awarding Body status, Training Quality Standards (TQS), five National Skills Academies, three Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) and two National Training Awards.
  • enhanced facilities and resources, including our PMLD Building.
  • a modernised teaching workforce with contemporary conditions of service.
  • excellent partnerships with employers, schools, the Education Authority, community organisations and other local organisations who make a difference to the success of The College so that the reputation and influence of the College is evident across the sub-region.

Our role as a skills catalyst for the region’s response to globalisation through the development of international knowledge sharing partnerships which provide mutual benefits to our students here and those abroad.

Our College has all its ‘building blocks’ in place. We have made significant progress but we aspire to some demanding goals. Moreover, we certainly cannot deliver the quality improvements outlined in our college strategy, without our staff and our business, education and community partners.

It is now time for us all to grab the future with both hands and transform City College Norwich into one of the best – the best our fantastic students undoubtedly deserve.

Jerry White - Principal