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Work with us to support your business

At MINT we are as passionate about working with employers as we are with our young people.

The links we build with businesses across Norfolk are vital to getting the opportunities for our young people and without their support it would be much harder to get positive outcomes for the people we work with. So what are the benefits to you as an employer?

Completely free service

Firstly in many respects you can treat us as an employment agency but without any financial costs. Our services are free to everyone we work with and as well as finding suitable candidates to fill your vacancies, we will continue to support you and your new employee long after they have started work. In addition, you do not need to advertise your vacancy and we can promote your company on our marketing literature and at events we attend.

Work with a professional, dedicated and successful team

Due to the bespoke nature of our work, the way we tailor our support around the individual’s needs and the amount of 1:1 time we have with them, we get to know our young people very well. As such, we are able to listen to your requirements and aim to find the closest possible match, without you having to trawl through huge numbers of applications. With a strong understanding of their experience, barriers and any support they may need, you can be assured that we will aim to help you find the right person for your business.

Candidates with strong employability skills who are “job ready”

We work closely with our young people to ensure they are “job ready” when they are applying for jobs. Through a combination of training, work experience and personal development we help our young people to build on communication skills, employer expectations, customer service skills and confidence amongst others. This ensures that they bring a wide range of skills to their new job and that when they reach paid employment they are able to focus on the main requirements of the role.

Job coaching

Once you have employed someone we are working with, we can continue to support both them and you through our job coaching process. This can be to help with any aspect of their training, role or personal development, and often involves us coming to see them at work to gain a thorough understanding of what they do in order to help them to the best of our ability.

We can also help you with training or understanding what support a new employee might need. This unique part of our role is designed to take the pressure off you when taking on a new employee, maintain consistency for our young people and ensure they have the best possible opportunity to reach their potential.

How do you get involved?

If you would like to chat to one of our Employment Job Coaches to find out more about how it works, or you have a vacancy to fill and would like to know if we have anyone suitable, please contact us