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Food Technology Teacher

Sapientia Education Trust

Old Buckenham , NR17 1RL

Job Description


Line Manager's job title: Curriculum Leader Design and Technology
Salary: MPS/UPS (£30,000- £46,525)
Tenure: Permanent
Contract type: 52 weeks
% of FTE: 1.0 FTE

Old Buckenham High School is located in the beautiful and historic village of Old Buckenham in Norfolk. Our school benefits from being within a stunning and rural setting, with a drive and focus on ensuring our students are provided with every opportunity to become successful members of society.

We pride ourselves on the experiences we offer beyond the classroom, including a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs and events, where academic performance and personal development go hand in hand.

Our academic and personal development curriculum is designed to equip our students with the skills and ‘habits’ necessary to become confident, resilient and ambitious learners and leaders.

We are a strong community school in which mutual respect, tolerance and cooperation is at the heart of our values. The relationship between staff and students is a key strength and we will support, nurture and encourage our students throughout their learning journey with us. We take the wellbeing of our staff seriously and have a collaborative and supportive approach, working together to ensure the best for our students.

Old Buckenham High School is a member of the Sapientia Education Trust (SET). SET is an expanding multi-academy trust with 10 primary and 7 secondary schools.

We are looking for a hard-working and enthusiastic person with high standards and the ability to communicate and interact effectively with others as part of our school as a Teacher of Food Technology. You will have a clear focus and understanding of what makes high quality teaching and learning and provide excellent outcomes for students. You will be an excellent Food and Nutrition teacher and have an unwavering passion for your subject. You will have a clear focus and understanding of what makes outstanding teaching and learning and provide excellent outcomes for students. You will have the ability to teach Food and Nutrition at both KS3 and KS4.

The first six months of employment shall be a probationary period and employment may be terminated by the Trust during this period at any time on one week’s prior written notice. The Trust may, at its absolute discretion, extend this period for up to a further six months. During this probationary period, performance and suitability for continued employment will be monitored.

The professional competencies expected of teachers are:
• Be an Outstanding Teacher (or have the potential to be) with evidence of impact on pupil outcomes with a proven track record of total commitment to helping every pupil achieve their very best and make progress.
• Have excellent understanding of what constitutes excellence in teaching and learning.
• Have a keen understanding of data and be able to analyse patterns in performance over time.
• Be a positive role model for pupils and staff on a day-to-day basis.
• Collaborate effectively with staff, parents/carers and students.
• The ability to communicate clearly and tactfully using appropriate methods and an awareness of the impact of your own communication on others.
• Able to maintain positive relationships with all and able to work as an effective and flexible part of a team; willing to change methods of work and routines to benefit the team.
• Be able to multi-task and work under pressure.
• Be flexible and resilient in managing and executing their daily responsibilities.
• Able to demonstrate strong planning and organisational skills.
• Willingness to accept responsibility for your own actions.
• The ability to prioritise effectively, meet deadlines and accept challenges.

The qualifications and experience required of the teacher of Food Technology are:
• Have a qualified teacher status.

General Responsibilities:
The teacher of Food Technology is responsible for:
• To teach Food Technology to students of all abilities and at both Key Stages.
• To set classwork and homework that is in accordance with the Department’s Schemes of Work.
• To plan and prepare lessons that meet the learning needs of all students.
• To ensure the effective development of students’ citizenship, literacy, numeracy and computing skills through the subject.
• To follow the department’s procedures for assessing, recording and reporting student achievement.
• To interpret and use national, local and school-level performance data to help raise achievement.
• To implement school policies on raising of achievement and monitoring student progress.
• To report regularly to the Curriculum Leader of Design and Technology on the progress of students within their teaching groups.
• To be responsible in the first instance for the management of behaviour in their teaching groups.
• To meet with parents and other agencies as necessary.
• To act as a Form Tutor.
• To take on supervisory duties in line with school policy.

Specific Responsibilities:
A non-exhaustive list of specific responsibilities for the role is below and you will be required to undertake other duties and responsibilities as may reasonably be required:

• Maintain high expectations of pupil behaviour, demonstrating a high level of discipline through positive and productive relationships and well-focused teaching.
• Assist in the development of schemes of work, teaching resources, marking policies and teaching strategies alongside other teachers and the subject lead.
• Assist in the development of the subject curriculum, ensuring the continued relevance to the needs of pupils.
• Identify clear teaching objectives, content, and lesson structures, and plan sequences of lessons appropriate to the subject content and the pupils being taught.
• Set appropriate and demanding expectations for pupils’ learning, setting clear targets for pupils’ learning based on prior attainment.
• Identify pupils who have additional educational needs and adapt lesson planning to cater for these needs.
• Incorporate the use of resources into lesson plans, ensuring that equipment is in good working order and suitable for teaching use, and that resources are used effectively.

• Implement and deliver an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum for the specified subject area, building on pupils’ prior knowledge.
• Deliver lessons appropriate to pupils’ different abilities and educational needs, ensuring that they are all able to progress to their potential.
• Provide and contribute to oral and written assessments, reports and references relating to individual pupils and groups of pupils.
• Mark and monitor pupils’ class and homework regularly, providing constructive oral and written feedback.
• Use assessments of pupils’ progress to inform future teaching.
• Prepare informative and constructive written reports for parents which identify how each pupil is performing, and how they can improve within the classroom.
• Share and support the school’s duty to provide and monitor opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Managing pupils:
• Adhere to the processes outlined in the school’s Behaviour Policy, ensuring that any poor levels of behaviour are dealt with appropriately.
• Through effective teaching, ensure that pupils are challenged and that best use is made of teaching time to promote good levels of behaviour.
• Employ a range of teaching methods to keep pupils engaged, e.g. through effective questioning, clear presentation and use of resources.

The post-holder will be required to comply with the Trust's Code of Conduct. The post holder will have access to and be responsible for confidential information and documentation. They must ensure confidential or sensitive material is handled appropriately and accurately.

The post holder shall participate in the Trust’s programme of Performance Management and Continuing Professional Development.

Paid Weeks per year: 52 weeks
Hours per week: Full time
Normal working pattern: Monday to Friday
Holidays: Holiday pay entitlement is included in the pro- rata salary for the post and there is no entitlement to take holidays during term-time.
CPD Days: Your working hours do not include the automatic requirement to work on published CPD days if this is not a contractual day, but you may be required to attend mandatory training and, in these cases, the additional hours may be claimed on a timesheet, where not already paid under another contract.

The post-holder will be auto enrolled to join the Teachers' pension scheme.

The post-holder will be expected to wear appropriate business attire. All staff will be supplied with appropriate Staff ID. This must be worn at all times to ensure that students, staff and visitors are able to identify employees.

Sapientia Education Trust is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. All staff must be prepared to undergo several vetting checks to confirm their suitability to work with children and young people. The Trust reserves the right to withdraw offers of employment where checks or references are deemed to be unsatisfactory.


MPS- £30,000 - UPS - £46,525


Normal working pattern: Monday to Friday


Hours per week: Full time
Normal working pattern: Monday to Friday

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