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Suffolk New College: Information Technology and Communication/Digital

The Information Technology and Digital/Communication sectors are innovative, influential and fast evolving. It is vital that we ensure teaching and learning meets current industry practices, meets employer needs and brings relevant knowledge and skills into the curriculum.

We are currently collaborating with employers and individuals to provide:

  • Events and trips to industry work environments
  • Workshops and guest lectures
  • Work experience
  • Extended work placements
  • Learning resources to improve student skills and knowledge
  • Interview experience and insight into the working world of the Information Technology and Digital/Communication sectors
  • Staff training and continuous professional development

We have a small budget to work with, along with a range of college resources, to help facilitate these projects.

If you are interested in contributing to the project, or would like to know any further information, please contact:

Nigel Champion (Technical Curriculum Designer)


Tel: 01473382585