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Students welcome “inspiring” new learning environment

22nd October 2021 – Tags: Digi-Tech Factory

After their first half term of learning in the Digi-Tech Factory, this is what some of our students have said about the new building and its facilities.  

It’s got everything, all the technology, all the computers, you need. We use something called Revit, it’s an architectural piece of software, and you need something really fast to run it. The actual building itself is an inviting building to be in. It’s light and it’s airy. I quite like all the exposed elements of it, especially with civil engineering, because that’s what we learn about. It’s a nice room that you can see the inner workings of.” - Leanne (Civil Engineering Apprentice)  

The hardware we’ve got access to is significantly improved. Having dual screens is very useful when it comes to software development, because you can have the programme you are working on, on one side, and on the other screen you can test what you are doing and apply bug fixes as well.” - Kieran (T-Level in Digital Production, Design and Development) 

It’s lovely in here, I really love it. It’s really modern and spacious. It’s a lot more inspiring to be able to work in this kind of environment.” - Ellie-Mae (UAL Diploma in Digital Art, Animation and Games Design) 

This building feels like a professional environment. You feel like you are in an actual business, with rooms where you can cooperate with other people better." - Mantas (T-Level Digital Production, Design and Development) 

I think it’s really good. With the dual monitors you can have two projects up at once. You can have your research and then you can take it from the screen next to you and use it in your project. It’s pretty advanced compared to what you’d see in high schools." - Thomas (Diploma in Information, Technology and Computing)