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Street Food

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    CCN-Main Campus

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This course aims to provide you with an appreciation and understanding of the flavours and cooking techniques used in the preparation of a variety of international street food dishes. It will enable you to prepare and serve these dishes with confidence in a home kitchen environment.
You will be encouraged to adapt recipes to suit your personal preferences, the course would be suitable for vegetarians & meat eaters.
Week 1 - Arancini - Risotto balls with a Mushroom, cheese and nudja with an Arabbiata Dip,
Week 2 - Bau Buns - Steamed buns with Char sui pork and Bok choy and mushroom
Week 3 - Mexican Tacos - Soft shell tacos with shredded chicken, refried beans, guacamole, roasted corn salsa and sour cream and chives
Week 4 - Aloo Pies & Chickpea Curry - With the flavours of Trinidad, Aloo pies, Chickpea curry and Shark and bake
Week 5 - Churros & Pretzels

You will be asked to bring in some of the ingredients in each week
Course Times: 6-9pm:

Entry Requirements