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Introduction to Ecology

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This course is designed to share knowledge and inspire you to understand some of the key issues from a tutor that has worked across the world conducting surveys for endemic and threatened species. The course will cover the following;

  • Core environmental terminologies - Ever watched a David Attenborough documentary or a news wildlife report and not understood the terms being used. Well, this topic will hopefully give you a good base knowledge of key terms used in the environmental industry.
    -Landscape ecology - This topic will explain how the landscape we live in interacts. How do species affect each other and how might that landscape work for us too.
  • Climate change - One of the most pressing issues of modern-day earth, we will discover what climate change is, how it affects us and the species that live on this planet.
    -Human interactions v wildlife - This is a relationship that needs exploring. We will explain how our actions affect species.
  • Conservation efforts and successes - This topic will explore historic and future conservation projects, explaining the UK and global successes.
    -Surveying techniques - Ever wanted to have a basic understanding of survey techniques, so you could use these in industry. Maybe conduct your own yearly surveys at home and create your own conservation monitoring program. This topic aims to give you a broad understanding of wildlife surveys.
    Dates: Tuesdays 6-9pm

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