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Covid and staying safe

Will I have to stay in my bubble at College?   

No. Following revisions to Government guidance we will not be operating curriculum bubbles in September.  This means that you can meet your friends from other courses in your breaks.  However, COVID -19 has not gone away and we could encourage you to think about keeping yourself, your friends and your familiar safe by wearing a face covering when inside in crowded situations, washing your hands more regularly and being careful with your social contacts. 

Do I have to wear a face mask? 

The latest public health guidance is that face masks and coverings are not compulsory but we would encourage you to think about the situations where wearing a face covering might keep yourself, your friends and your family safe.  For example, moving around in crowded indoor environments such as corridors and cafes are examples of when you might wish to wear a face covering.  We expect all students to ensure they follow the rules required by the bus, train and taxi companies when travelling to and from College. 

I’ve heard that students are being tested for COVID-19 when they go back to school. What will happen at College? 

We believe the best way to keep out College community safe is for you to regularly (at least twice a week) test yourself at home for COVID-19.  Many of you will have been used to doing this at school or college last year. 

We would ask you to: 

  • Collect home test kits at your enrolment appointment if you have not got any at home to use 
  • Test yourself twice before starting college, once 3-5 days before your first day at college and once the evening before or morning of your first day at college 
  • Tell us that you have completed these tests by completing the section on the Portal you used for enrolment. 

Testing is not compulsory but we would strongly encourage you to do it to keep yourself and others safe and well. From the first week of term onwards, we want you to test yourself twice a week at home and tell us the results via our easy-to-use online reporting. 

If someone in my class tests positive for COVID-19, what happens? 

The current Government guidance is that there is no need for those aged under 18 to isolate if they have been close to someone who tests positive. Therefore, if you are aged 16 or 17 and still feel well, you should continue to come to College and carry on testing yourself at home at least twice a week. If you are aged 18 or over, you may be contacted by the NHS Track and Trace service and asked to self-isolate if they consider you a close contact of a student who has tested positive. 

I’m aged 18, do I need to be vaccinated to come to College? 

No. However, getting vaccinated protects you, your friends and classmates and your family and we would encourage you to find out more by visiting the Norfolk NHS site here. There are loads of walk-in appointments available making it easy to get a jab if you want one. And remember to go back for your second injection - it’s really important to be fully protected.