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More Inspiring Webinars

Last year was the first time we moved our Mental Health Awareness Day talks to an online format, bringing our guest speakers to a much wider audience. You can find the webinars from 2020 below.    

Mindfulness and Music


Steven Newton is a Compliance Consultant working in Financial Crime Prevention in the banking and payments industry.
Having graduated many years ago from Norwich City College and having a variety of stressful jobs, Steve would like to share his experience and coping mechanisms for stress as well as working from home.

Steven is an award-winning musician, meditation teacher and martial artist in his spare time and looks forward to discussing work life balance.

Steve will incorporate some meditation tools at the end of this session so please stay tuned and aim to be in a quiet room.

City College Norwich hopes this webinar will encourage young people to understand about work life balance whilst learning new skills including meditation.

Look out for Steven's Sound Journey webinar this Thursday!


 Burn Out and Resilience


Marie is the Founder of The Trend Academy and is a Visiting Lecturer at top fashion universities.

She speaks at industry events across the country on Fashion, Trends, Business, and Resilience, and has just created modules on sustainability & wellbeing that are now included in the new BA (Hons) Fashion degree at the University of Suffolk.

Marie will be discussing her experiences in the fashion world and how she overcame burn-out.

This session is directed at you and understanding where you are at, and how you are feeling during the current pandemic. Some topics that we will discuss are:

-How we can become resilient
-Change curve and our attitudes during this pandemic

City College Norwich hopes this webinar will inspire you to find your passion during this pandemic and to learn some resilient tools.


Creative Writing and Wellbeing


Keeley is a Writer originating from Worksop, Nottinghamshire. In her career as a Copywriter, she uses humour and creativity to make brands stand out. In her poetry, she uses humour and creativity to reveal how 'weird' she is (her own words).

Mental health and recovery is a topic very dear to her and she hopes that by talking more frankly, there may be a way to alleviate some suffering, if even a little. 

Keeley will use her expertise and personal experiences to discuss how creative writing has helped heal her mind and encouraged her vision.

Topics to be covered include:

- The Alaskan Journey: No Regrets
- Dissociative Identity Disorder
- Art (Poetry) as Healing

City College Norwich hopes this webinar will inspire you to find your passion during this pandemic and to trial creative writing to help adjust to these circumstances.


I AM ME App 


Claire as Founder of I AM ME, is hugely passionate about supporting the well-being of young people. Claire has created an app to support students to understand more about how they can take an active role in looking after their own mental health and wellbeing.

The app is completely FREE and is already assisting hundreds of young people across the country. Claire understands that young people have many pressures and due to the fast paced world we now live in, it is now more important than ever that young people understand what simple changes they can make to areas of their lives across sleep, relationships, nutrition, movement, stress etc to create a better overall sense of wellbeing.

Claire will be encouraging young people aged 11-24 (or those with children between those ages) to install the app and take a preventative approach in supporting their mental health and well-being.

We understand there is much stress for young people especially within education at the moment with the pandemic and changes to exams.


Furlough has its' Positives


Amy is a previous Business Studies student and has been working in the hospitality industry for many years. Amy is a well-experienced Wedding Planner at a local venue, but has unfortunately been furloughed.

Whilst going through a wealth of emotions and circumstances, Amy has come to apprehend that being furloughed is not an awful situation and that many must understand what can be completed within this time.

Amy is going to discuss the challenges she has faced whilst being on furlough but also the benefits she has come to realise, whilst discussing her newfound hobbies and passions. She has certainly realised that once returning to work and continuing her newfound passions, that her life will be even more fulfilled.

City College Norwich hopes this webinar will inspire you to find your passion during this pandemic and to learn some new skills. It is important to make time for yourself and have a routine during this time.