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Strategies to help you in the lead up to your exam or assessment

Keep calm and don’t let the pressure build up

Of course there are going to be stressful moments; maybe you’ve left too much to the last minute or there’s a bit of work that you just can’t wrap your head around.

It’s important in these moments to stay calm, be mindful and remember that how to respond to the stress is what’s important.

Remind yourself that it is not the end of the world if you don't get the results you want right now, there are always other options.

Do something to help take your mind to a peaceful place. This could be listening to music, lighting a candle, making a cup of tea, doing some yoga or go for a walk or a run - do what works best for you. 

Perhaps you want to try getting into meditating? This 1-minute mini-meditation from Headspace gives you an idea of the sorts of simple exercises that you could try:   

Be realistic

Don’t burn yourself out trying to revise too much in one day – you'll likely forget most of it AND be more stressed. Set yourself achievable goals for each day/revision session. Pushing your limits is great, but this will come naturally with time. It is best to focus on what feels manageable for you now.

You may find it effective to follow a revision timetable to avoid overworking. There are many apps and websites that can help plan your revision; here are a couple we like:

Ayoa Mind Mapping

Adept Revision Timetable

Don’t compare yourself with others

Everyone learns at different rates and in different ways. Even if it feels that your peers are doing better than you now, that doesn’t mean you won’t surpass them in the future. Nurture your own talents; we are all capable of growing.

Being able to acknowledge other people’s success but staying focussed on your own self-improvement will allow you to reach your potential faster.

Talk to someone

Stress, worry and anxiety can be difficult to manage on your own and pressure can build up. Sometimes just having a chat with someone can undo that knot that’s been slowly getting tighter and release that pressure. Maybe this person is a friend, partner, parent or a supportive professional.

Even if you feel you have no one to speak to, there are many places where you can speak to other struggling students online. You are not alone!

Here are two websites/apps with online chats/discussion boards:


The Mix Community


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