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Exam and assessment essentials

Remember: You are not alone

If you are feeling worried about your exams or final assessments, the first thing to know is that this is completely normal.

  • 96% of students feel anxious about exams (no matter what your friends say, they ARE stressed too!)
  • 59% of students feel pressure from family
  • 64% of students would like more support with exams and exam stress

Once you have completed the first exam, you will feel a lot more confident and nerves will get easier to deal with

If you are feeling very anxious about your exams or final assessments, talk to your teachers or tutor. 

Everyone is here to support you! 

Know what to expect

Situations that are new to us, where we don't know quite what to expect, can be a source of stress and anxiety - particularly if there is a lot riding on it. 

Make sure you know what to expect. Knowing the key practical details of your exam - how you are going to get there, what time you need to leave the house to be on time, what to bring with you, what you need to do once you enter the exam room - will help take away some of the nerves.

The following video takes you through the essentials you need to know before taking an exam with us.

At a glance: Exam strategies and top tips

The following two slides summarise strategies for helping you in the lead up to your exam or assessment and important ways in which you can take care of yourself to help reduce your stress and anxiety levels.



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