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A Levels

Tamsin Roberts

“"I have progressed in my subjects, made lifelong friendships and achieved things I never thought I could"”

Tamsin Roberts, A Level student

“I would say it’s such a testament to City College that I’ve done so well. The teachers here have been amazing. The teaching is so good and the support is amazing.”

Franky - Achieved A*AA and now taking a gap year

“"My time at City College Norwich has allowed me to try new things and work out where my passions lie"”

Maya Elphick, former A Level student, now studying English Literature and Creative Writing at University of East Anglia

“The teachers have been great. I like the fact that they started doing revision really early on, the support is fantastic.”

Edith - A Level student going on to study Law at Cardiff University

“I've had a brilliant time at City College Norwich. The teachers have been so supportive, they always retained faith in me which has really helped my confidence.”

William - A Level student going on to study Drama at De Montfort University

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