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Sixth Form Centre

The Sixth Form Centre at City College Norwich has its own website, click the link below to visit the site:


You can view the Sixth Form centre prospectus via the links below; the first link will take you to an online "flip-book" version; the second will allow you to download the whole prospectus as a pdf to peruse at your leisure.

Click here to read the Sixth Form Centre Guide to Full-Time Courses

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A Levels have been part of our provision for many years. In 2007, it was decided to bring all our A Level courses together into a specialist Sixth Form Centre, where full-time 16-18 year old students would be taught by A Level experts.

Key features of the Sixth Form Centre include:

  • A more adult environment than at school
  • Highly qualified subject experts
  • Dedicated Personal Tutors to guide you through your studies and onto degree level study or the first steps of a career
  • Our own specialist facilities.

Although a separate part of City College Norwich, the Sixth Form Centre benefits from the College’s excellent resources and facilities. These include a superb Information Centre with thousands of books and other resources, 1,200 PCs, a TV studio and media suite, a sports hall and well-equipped gym; and there is a choice of five cafés and restaurants to eat in.

You probably already know about City College Norwich’s great vocational courses in subjects like business, sport and catering, but I want to tell you about our Sixth Form Centre, which you may not have heard so much about.

It often surprises students, and their parents and teachers, to learn that more than 500 young people like you choose to study for A Levels and GCSEs with us each year. You may also be surprised to know that we have been teaching A Levels here for many years. In fact, one of our most famous ex-students is Stephen Fry, who has said,

“It all started here [at City College Norwich]. I will never forget it. I will never cease to be grateful for what it’s done, in such a perfect way. Not a mollycoddling way, not a stern authoritarian way, but a civilised way. We were not treated as children; we were students, not kids. The standard of teaching was astonishingly high. Norwich, the city, and Norfolk, the county, should be immensely proud of this institution. This is a really special place.”

As well as being one of the biggest sixth forms in Norfolk, we believe we are one of the best. We offer a wide choice of subjects, expert teaching, individual care, support and help for you to progress on to Higher Education or employment. We will treat you like an adult and work with you to achieve your goals. I hope you will decide to join us for the next stage in your education and look forward to meeting you soon.

Click here for DisabledGo’s Access Guide for the Sixth Form Centre