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Santa’s sleigh comes to college nursery thanks to carpentry students

Carpentry students and staff from City College Norwich bought added festive cheer to the college nursery by using their skills to make a Santa’s sleigh for the children to play in, complete with two reindeer.

The sleigh, located in the reception area of the nursery, was made by first year Carpentry and Joinery students for the enjoyment of the children in the run-up to Christmas.

Students Devan Cullum, Nathan Bihogo, Sam Penny and Adam Pitchers created the reindeer and sleigh with help from their lecturers Trevor Radley and Sam Wigger.

The reindeer were cut from 15mm shuttering ply and were constructed in such a way that they slotted together and did not need any fixings. The sleigh was made from a second hand cupboard, which was then painted by the nursery staff.

Carpentry and Joinery student Sam Penny, 17, from Poringland, said:

“In the first year of our course we learn to make basic joints by hand, and later in the year we will be learning to make bigger things like roofs and staircases.  So making the sleigh was completely different to what we would normally be doing. It was fun. It was good to see that I’d made something that is going to a good use.”

Janet Wilkinson, Administrative Assistant at The Nursery at City College Norwich said:

“Every year we like to put something in our reception area. Last year we had a huge igloo. This year we couldn’t decide what to do until one of our staff saw an old cupboard and thought it would make a lovely sleigh.  The carpentry students and staff have done a great job in recreating this as a wonderful sleigh and reindeer for the children.”

“The children love it, they are so excited! They come in every morning with their parents and sit in it and have a little play in it.  We’ve also had story time sitting in the sleigh!”

Pictured: 1. Nursery children Harry, Jessica, Imogen and Edidiong with the Christmas sleigh (RYAN EVES, UAL Diploma photography student). 2. Carpentry and Joinery students and staff.