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Eddy juggles college and circus skills

BTEC Extended Diploma in Acting student Eddy Bacon has long aspired to join the circus and has joined the acting course at City College Norwich to help him realise his ambition. Eddy taught himself juggling by watching online videos on YouTube. He can be seen performing using anything from traditional juggling balls to specially-designed juggling knives.

Eddy’s ambition is rather unique compared to his classmates who typically want to go on to become actors. For him, studying at City College Norwich will allow him to develop his performance and confidence skills. His dream is to progress to a circus school in London and ultimately perform in Cirque de Soleil.

Eddy said “I love juggling and I hope one day I will be able to perform in Cirque de Soleil. That’s my dream. In the meantime I like to juggle in front of friends and in the city centre or just to chill out. I hope to get down to Covent Garden soon and perform there. I will also want to continue to produce my own tutorial videos so that I can teach others to juggle”