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Apprentice Chef's debut leaves customers desperate for more!

Daniel Alden has been working at the White Horse in Chedgrave since June 2014. After having been encouraged to join in with cooking from an early age, Daniel’s passion for all things food has done nothing but grow since starting his apprenticeship.

Since the beginning of his apprenticeship in 2014, Daniel has progressed in leaps and bounds, citing his best achievement as having organised a ‘Desperate Dan’s’ fine dining evening. For this, he created the menu himself and organised the kitchen and chefs.

“I took charge and everyone stood back and took instruction. Everything fell on my head, all decision making and dealing with instructing the team. I took charge of every member from desserts right up to plating up the food! I used the skills learnt at college and work, from the basic vegetable cuts (paysanne, Julien) to advanced skills like a Ballantine (de-boned leg of chicken stuffed and rolled in bacon).”

“I spoke to the customers afterwards, and everyone was so complimentary. People seemed to be fascinated by the flavour choices on the menu, in particular the cucumber dessert, as they didn’t think the flavour combinations would work! Customers even stopped me in the street to tell me how much they enjoyed themselves.”

Daniel has also had the opportunity to manage the kitchen for two weeks while both the Head and Sous Chefs were away. This was thanks to his boss, Simon, who Daniel says has been very supportive towards him and his apprenticeship. Daniel now has the opportunity to undertake work experience at Benedicts in Norwich after Richard Bainbridge himself called him and complimented him on photos of his work.

In the longterm, Daniel aspires to own a restaurant, however would also like to have a gourmet food truck, travelling the country, or even the world!