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Sally Nederpel, Radiology Clinical Support Worker sat on bed in pediatric hospital room

“You are never too old to achieve, with the right support and encouragement, everyone can make life better for themselves and for others”

11th January 2019 – Tags: Student Stories

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Before attending City College Norwich, I had not studied formally since high school.

I chose to undertake my Foundation Degree in Health Studies at CCN because I felt that I had a wealth of experience and a strong desire to help not only my employer and its service users, but also to help myself grow as a person. I am passionate about service improvement and I knew that I could make a difference to more people if only I could expand on my existing skill set.

Asides from the fantastic staff, who were kind, approachable, friendly and supportive at all stages, I have made some friends for life in my classmates. Being able to study closely with people from a variety of trusts and in a variety of roles gave me knowledge of the wider NHS, I feel that I learnt a lot from them as well as the lecturers and I hope they all feel the same way.

Confidence & self belief

At CCN, I gained self confidence, self worth, and self belief. I have never been particularly confident in my abilities and the results I achieved for the variety of assignment and assessment styles made me realise I am capable of a great deal more than I ever thought.

The knowledge base and skills that I have acquired during my studies has already had an impact on me, both personally and professionally. I have been able to introduce new procedures and ongoing audits within my department which all aim to improve patient experience.

Commendations & achievements

The children’s book I wrote as part of the Health Promotion module has been well received by everyone who has seen it, and has been widely advertised in the local press and social media. I have been commended by the Head of Nursing and the Quality Improvements team for the book and I am currently in the early stages of writing a new version aimed at helping adults with learning disabilities.

Future plans

I am incredibly proud of my achievements, having left school at the age of 16 and moved straight to full time employment, I never in a million years thought I would be able to achieve a degree in my thirties! Especially whilst working and raising children. It has been a tough couple of years, but I am already missing my days at Norfolk House, and the endless hours spent at the laptop in my kitchen! I have been inspired to continue my studies. 

In future, I remain hopeful that I will return to CCN to complete the health studies top up. I would dearly love to hold a band 5 position within the Interventional Radiology Department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Sally Nederpel - Radiology Clinical Support Worker, former Health Studies degree student

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