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a level results jargon buster

The A Level results day jargon buster

31st July 2019 – Tags: A Level Results

With A Level results day just around the corner, UCAS and its inner workings are the topic on everyone’s lips. It can, however, feel like a whole other language, with its terminology and acronyms. Never fear, we’ve compiled the ultimate results day jargon buster to help you decode the UCAS lingo!


A process available to anyone who exceeds the grade requirement of their firm offer (see Firm offer). You can use adjustment to swap your existing place for one at another university.

AS12 email/letter

A letter sent by UCAS (see UCAS) to confirm your acceptance on a university course


A letter sent by UCAS (see UCAS) to confirm your acceptance on a university course and requesting for you to let them know if you are going to take up the place


A letter sent by UCAS (see UCAS) to confirm your acceptance on a university course, which only requires you to reply if you are not planning on taking up your place


For UCAS applications, your college or school will give you a buzzword so you can link your application to them


If you miss your grades, you can use clearing to ensure you still find a university place in 2019

Conditional offer

A conditional offer is a place on a course subject to specific conditions being met


You can defer your course place if you’d like to carry an offer over and start in the next academic year

Exam reviews

These are also known as remarks, where the exam board reviews the grades given


A UCAS (see UCAS) service you can use to apply for alternative places if you do not hold an offer from your first five choices

Firm choice

An offer you accept as your first choice


Higher Education Provider

Insurance choice

An offer you accept as your second choice in case you don’t meet the conditions of your first choice

Personal ID

A ten digit number you receive when you first register to apply through UCAS (see UCAS)

Point of entry

The year of the course you start at

Sandwich course

A course with an additional year where you work in the professional you’re studying for


The system for allocating point for the different qualifications you can use for undergraduate application


The Universities and College Admissions Service

UCAS Track

An online tracking system which allows you to see how your application is progressing

Unconditional offer

An offer of a place which is subject to no conditions.

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