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Health & Social Care and Health Studies students running health campaign for fellow students

Students share knowledge with peers as they run health campaigns in college

4th April 2017

Level 3 Health & Social Care and Health Studies students helped to raise awareness of a wide range of health issues through a series of campaigns targeted at their fellow students.  

These campaigns, which took place during the last week of March, encompassed a wide variety of topics, from mental health to cancer.

The students talked to their peers from across the whole college, and shared information, through information stalls and activities in the Startup Lounge and main reception.  Several of the groups also chose to fundraise for health-related charities as part of their campaign.

One of the groups focused on cancer awareness and the work that MacMillian does. Health Studies Level 3 student Jessica Hope, said:

“Everyone knows someone or has someone in the family that has been affected by cancer so everybody is aware of it. However, what they aren’t aware of is the support that’s available so we thought we’d try and educate people on that and the work that MacMillian do.”

Another Health Studies student, Mikayla Bell, and her group chose to focus on contraception. “It seems appropriate to target college students with something like this. This age group are getting more sexually aware and maybe aren’t aware of the different methods of contraception.”, she said.

Mikayla added that the exercise had been useful for learning about how to go about presenting a health campaign:

“You have to think carefully about which audience it is you’re campaigning to. Not every person is going to react the same to every form of communication.”

Other students said they had learned a lot about their respective topics that they did not know before.  Health Studies student Abbey Ludkin said:

“I didn’t realise that there was so many different types of support available and how many ways there are to get that support: meetings, walk-ins, the MacMillian website, for example.”