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Staff Awards 2019

10th July 2019

The 2018-19 year has been packed with highlights from across City College Norwich and Paston College, with many memorable moments, inspirational achievements and outstanding progression by our students.

These successes are always a team effort and we ended the year with our annual celebration and staff awards – a chance to recognise the exceptional work that our teaching and support staff do to support our students.

Almost 300 nominations were made for this year’s awards, with large numbers of students getting involved to express their appreciation for the staff who have made a real difference to their learning.  

Congratulations to all this year’s staff award winners and to everyone who was nominated.  And thank you to all our staff for your incredible dedication, expertise and commitment in support of our students.

Staff Award winners 2019

  • Open and Informative - Communicator Award: HR Team
  • Respectful and Fair - Colleague of the year: Julia Thompson
  • Creative and Positive - Visionary Award: Victoria Wright
  • Collaborative and Inclusive - Teambuilder Award: Andrina Ridgwell
  • Consistent and Responsible - Dependable Award: Rebecca Anderson
  • Exemplary and Tenacious - Excellence Award: Donna Hansell
  • Aspirational and Entrepreneurial - Pathfinder Award: Clare Byrne & Sarah Bell
  • Individual and Supported - Originality Award: Anne Brown
  • Ambitious and Challenging - Determination Award: Craig Osborne
  • Inspiring and Engaging - Inspiration Award: Annie Brundrit
  • Skilled and Expert - Professional of the year: Rachel Watson
  • Active and Collaborative - Cooperative Award: Katy Marron
  • Innovative and Reflective - Explorer Award: Christopher Lawes
  • Safe and Respectful - CCN Citizen Award: Shirley Barker
  • Principal’s Award: Richard Steer