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New Leadership and Management Degree Apprenticeship launched

20th September 2017

City College Norwich’s newly-launched Degree Apprenticeship in Leadership and Management has had an enthusiastic response from employers, with 28 apprentices from 12 different organisations starting the 3-year programme.

The Degree Apprenticeship, which is validated by the UEA, sees students gain CMI Chartered Manager status and provides an attractive new way for employers to develop their workforce and support individuals to consolidate and extend their management skills.

The employers signing their staff up for the Degree Apprenticeship are wide-ranging, from large public sector organisations, to financial services companies, as well as small and medium sized enterprises.    

Following the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in April this year, large employers that pay the levy can finance the degree through their levy contribution while small employers only pay 10% (with the remainder being Government-subsidised).

What the Degree Apprenticeship covers

The Degree Apprenticeship is designed for existing managers, as well as staff new to management and those who will be taking on additional management responsibilities.  It provides staff with the opportunity to gain a comprehensive, in-depth and practical understanding of key areas of management. 

Modules covered include Leading Enterprise in Organisations, Digital Marketing and Communication, Leading and Managing People, Developing Organisational Leadership, and Project Management.

In common with other apprenticeships, a key emphasis of the programme is on developing the Degree Apprentices’ skills within their workplace, supported by their employer and regular visits by an apprenticeship assessor from the college.  The apprentices attend City College Norwich’s Higher Education Centre one day a week for lectures, seminars and workshops. 

Strong demand for new course

As a result of the strong initial demand for the course, City College Norwich is planning to start a second cohort of Leadership and Management Degree Apprentices early in 2018.

Employers interested in finding out more can do so by contacting City College Norwich’s apprenticeship team on 0800 328 3616 or   

Available in Norfolk for first time

Ed Rose, Head of Higher Education and Employer Responsive Delivery, City College Norwich, said: 

“This is the first time that a Degree Apprenticeship in Leadership and Management has been available in Norfolk and we are delighted by the enthusiastic response of employers and their staff to this new qualification. 

“The programme offers an excellent way for staff to consolidate their management experience, whilst working towards a full honours degree and Chartered Manager status.  It is really encouraging that so many employers have embraced this new apprenticeship as a great way to develop their managers and future leaders.”

Case study: Emma Clayton-Knight, Chadwicks Limited

Emma is Brand Manager for Norwich-based wealth management company Chadwicks, where she has worked for almost 9 years. Emma says that the Degree Apprenticeship provides an opportunity for staff on the business side of the company to continue to learn and develop as the business grows: “There’s a real learning ethos within our company,” she says, “The business is expanding which means greater potential for my colleagues and I to take on additional management responsibilities. We’ve been doing the jobs for years, but it’s good to have the theory behind a lot of what we are doing and that deeper understanding.”  Furthermore, she adds, the Degree Apprenticeship provided “an ideal opportunity to gain a degree.”

Case study: Lynne Fanning, Norfolk Community Health and Care Trust

Lynne is the Clinical Operational Manager for a community nursing and therapy team, having previously worked as a qualified physiotherapist within the NHS.  She chose to do the degree apprenticeship to support her decision to specialise in management: “I’ve done a few courses that have been in-house, but I don’t actually have that management qualification,” says Lynne. “I’ve learned a lot along the way that I would like to consolidate more formally within a degree setting.  The fact that I will have the opportunity to apply for Chartered Management status attracted me to the course as well.”   

Case study: Joe Harkness, St Eds

Joe, who recently joined charity training provider St Eds as a GCSE and Functional Skills English teacher, was attracted by the opportunity the Degree Apprenticeship offers to further his professional development.  “I’m really interested in CPD and learning.  I think you can’t really be a teacher if you’re not interested in learning yourself.  The idea is that once I’ve gained the skills and experience from the course I can move into a leadership role”, he said.

Case study: Lisa Aldous, Alan Boswell Group

Lisa is Administration and Technical Services Manager for the Alan Boswell group of companies which provide specialist insurance broking and risk management advice and services. Lisa is looking forward to consolidating her management experience through the Degree Apprenticeship.  Lisa said: “I started as a trainee administrator 9 years ago, and worked my way through, and became a manager.  So I’ve got the experience, but it’s the consolidating of that knowledge [through the Degree Apprenticeship] and gaining Chartered Manager status as well.  I feel I can give so much more to the business and to the team if I have that level of knowledge.  I’m happy that I’ve got the experience and am now doing the qualification, rather than the other way around, because personally I think it’s better to get that experience and then consolidate it.”

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