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"My long-term goal is to study medicine and specialise in neurology"

7th January 2019 – Tags: Student Stories

First impressions 

My mum came to City College Norwich back in 2005 and I remember walking with her as a 10 year old walking the corridors of the college thinking I would love to come to school at a place like this! 

When I was in my last year of school, I was really impressed with the range of courses CCN offered and at the time I found the opportunity of studying catering really exciting. Plus the college has always looked really professional and had an elegance that I have always found exciting to view and explore every working day. 

Searching for a purpose 

Before I came to CCN, I was finding school really challenging and was desperate to learn, find ways to make friends and honestly feel like I have a purpose. It was not until I was in my second year of CCN that I actually began to comprehend the fact that I may have something to offer. 

Exciting and challenging 

To this day I am still working at City College Norwich, still finding learning really exciting and challenging, as well as being introduced to new subjects, learners and staff of whom I have developed really strong professional relationships with. I love studying and working at CCN. 

Amazing group of friends 

I have gained an amazing group of friends that I meet regularly, being taught valuable life skills and the academic skills that have propelled me to further heights, opportunities for work and a great role. I am very thankful to those who have supported me and enabled me to get to where I am now.  

Treated as an individual 

I have had some amazing lecturers, tutorial supervisors and support staff who have treat me as a true individual. I am always singing their praises as without them, I honestly do not know where I would be today. CCN is a very professional learning environment which is really important for a learner like me. The staff at City College Norwich treat me holistically as a person, whereas in school I was made to feel like a machine without feelings, emotions and aspirations. 


My CCN Journey has been enriching! I have taken part in work experience in schools and cafes. I have provided support to other students which gave me further motivation for what I do now. I have taken part in end-of-year trips.  

I have also raised over £200 for the Salvation Army’s Toys and Tins Appeal which gives children and young people gifts for Christmas and enables them to share precious moments with new friends, engage with their communities and provides light in some of the darker, colder and lonelier days of their lives.  

In 2013, I was given an opportunity to take part in hosting an event in aid of a local charity. At this event I was able to cut a cake with the Lord Lieutenant of Norwich. I have also presented training relating to Autism Spectrum Disorders around Norfolk and Suffolk.  

Graduating twice 

The experiences that have stood out for me at CCN are gaining a place on my degree and graduating not once but twice at Norwich Cathedral, going on two amazing residential trips as a student on the Phoenix Purple course (Derbyshire and Cornwall) and meeting and having great times with.  

Award recognition 

I also was awarded with an award at the Assembly House for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Health and Social Care’. This was a big highlight of my time at City College Norwich as honestly it gave me the opportunity to be recognised for where I was to where I am now. 

Medicine goal 

My next steps are to train in health care. Currently I have interviews for Medicine at Nottingham University from which has been my goal for the past 4 years. My long-term goal is to study medicine and specialise in neurology and if I can plop another speciality into the equation, infectious diseases!!!

Charlie Harvey started on Phoenix Purple and worked up to a degree in Health Studies and Level 3 Award and employment as a Curriculum Services Support. He is now applying to study medicine at Nottingham University. 

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