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Media students explore visual effects and VFX careers

15th November 2019 – Tags: creative media, neaco, vfx

Creative Media students from City College Norwich were given the chance to get hands-on with visual effects (VFX) software as part of a workshop run by Access VFX East.

The aim of the day, organised in conjunction with neaco, was to encourage creative media students to consider VFX as a career option.  The engaging and interactive workshop gave the students the chance to gain direct practical experience with VFX software.

Students create a black hole using VFX software

The session introduced students to using HitFilm, a free editing and VFX software that they can use at home and in college. 

Once they had mastered the basics of using Hitfilm, the group had the chance to get creative with it – with each student creating their own visualisation of a black hole.

Creative Media student Sinead Butcher said:

We made a black hole, using different parts of the software. We managed to make it move and add different colours. I didn’t know what VFX was before today. Now I know it’s not all about drawing, that’s very helpful, I’ve found out there is a wide range. It was really interesting.” 

Careers in VFX

During the session, which was supported by staff from Norwich University of the Arts, the students got to hear from guest VFX professional Nikola Yordanov.  

Nikola, a Concept Artist at Framestore, talked about the work he does and how he got to where he is in the industry.

Creative Media student Harvey Coe, said:

I’ve never used visual effects before, like layering over different videos and masking, so it’s really interesting to see that all come together and make one video. I’ve learnt a lot and I’m looking forward to continuing to do this later on in the future and hopefully make my own movie. This has increased my interest in VFX even more.”

“It’s another pathway for our students to explore”

Creative Media course leader and lecturer, Gianna Hindmarsh, commented:

We’ve got students who have never even tried VFX before today, who have picked it up really quickly and have said that they are really interested in it.  The options out there are massive in terms of the career path you could choose: you could be a concept artist, you could be an animator, you could be a designer, you can start off as a runner.  It’s another pathway for our students to explore.”

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