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Address City College Norwich, Ipswich Road, Norwich, NR2 2LJ

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Close-up of Hollie Thomas, KLM Apprenticeship student in aviation hangar

“I gained a lot of confidence being at City College Norwich”

23rd January 2019 – Tags: Student Stories

Before attending City College Norwich, I attended high school. I chose CCN as it offered the BTEC course that I had wanted to undertake.

Aviation Engineering

I studied Aviation Engineering for two years, gaining the qualifications I needed to progress to an apprenticeship.

Hands on experience

Attending City College Norwich allowed me lots of hands on experience with metal work, which I really enjoyed.

What I love about engineering is that you can take something simple, look at it in perspective, and realise it’s genius. It’s simple, but it’s genius.

Confidence & Progression

I gained a lot of confidence being at City College Norwich, it definitely made me realise what I want to do. My next steps are completing my current apprenticeship at KLM. I would love, one day, to become a licensed engineer so I can sign off my own work, and one day, I’d love to become a pilot.

Hollie Thomas, KLM UK Apprentice

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