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CCN students send their thanks to exceptional teachers

11th June 2019


Throughout the 2018/19 academic year, we’ve been collecting messages of thanks from our students for teachers who have gone above and beyond. Here, we share some of our favourite messages for teachers :


Thanks for A Level teacher, Deborah Stewart :

“Thank you for being a wonderful teacher who I feel comfortable talking about my problems to. You're an amazing teacher and I appreciate all the support you've given me - thank you so much”

Thanks for A Level teacher, Jackie Dorras :

"Thank you for your constant enthusiasm for the subject"

Thanks for Sociology teacher, Paul Nice :

"Thank you for being a top bloke – you’re the best sociology teacher around"

Thanks for A Level teacher, Tracey Dix :

"Thank you for providing so much revision material and giving such supportive feedback"

Thanks for A Level teacher, Danielle Standley :

"Thank you for being a legend and pushing us to our limits but making it fun. You make me a more confident actor.  Thank you for making me excited to come to each of your lessons"

Thanks for Public Services teacher, Patrick Setters :

"Thank you for giving extra advice on objectives and for making us laugh"

Thanks for A Level teacher, Julia Thompson :

"Thank you for being a really good tutor, I’ve learned a lot"

Thanks for Engineering teacher, TJ Field :

"Thank you for always being so kind and understanding"

Thanks for Politics teacher, Oliver McCormack :

"Thank you for being a brilliant teacher, thank you for making my favourite subject even more enjoyable"


We are proud of our experienced and passionate teachers, and it’s lovely to see that our students feel the same. We regularly post these messages on our Twitter and Facebook page, give us a follow to view more!