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English Functional Skills FE Award winner Beth with her certificate and award

Beth shows what can be achieved with dedication, determination and support

9th October 2019 – Tags: English, FE Awards, Maths

The winner of the Award for Dedication and Progress in English at our FE Awards went to Beth Anderson, whose success in passing English Functional Skills was a significant achievement because she is 100 percent deaf.  As such, her first language is BSL and she had to learn all the elements of grammar and tense, as well as spelling, to complete and attempt any English qualification.

Not only did Beth complete and achieve the Level 1 Functional Skills qualification, but she also achieved elements of the Level 2 qualification as well – a clear reflection of her dedication and determination.

On being chosen as one of the college’s FE Award winners, Bethany said:

Winning this award shows people that I can do anything, it doesn’t matter if I’m deaf or hearing or whatever. Deaf people can do English and Maths if they’re given the right support.”

Beth’s learning with the college has opened up an opportunity for her to work with disabled children at the Hamlet Centre in Norwich.  She says, “I really love my work and would like to do this type of work long term.”

Reflecting on her accomplishments in English and Maths, Beth commented:

I have a lot of support here at college which really helps me to learn. My first year at college was really hard. As I’ve progressed and learned to structure my work, it has gotten a lot better, I’ve enjoyed my whole time here.”