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Rows of red theatre seats at City College Platform Theatre

Acting students' play aims to raise road safety awareness

16th March 2020 – Tags: Acting, Performing Arts

A play written and performed by Acting students from City College Norwich has been driving home road safety messages to pupils in year 7, aged 11 and 12, at schools across the county.

The tour of 13 high schools concluded with a final performance in front of the college students’ families and friends, as well as public health and road safety officials.

The play promotes the relationships between family and friends and how important these relationships are. The actors explore the weaknesses and strengths of these friendships and how they are tested throughout the various humorous and direct incidents that challenge them throughout the play.

Audiences are taken on a journey through a number of difficult scenarios including distraction, peer pressure and bullying. The need to be accepted is depicted by a group of girls encouraging others to play ‘chicken’ on the road.

In another scene a young inexperienced driver is challenged by a group of friends, he deals with the peer pressure but is sadly involved in a situation which results in tragedy. The play covers the incident in a direct but sympathetic way and shows how the other characters and their relationships are affected.

Nick Carpenter, Performing Arts Lecturer, City College Norwich, said:

Our acting students travel from across the county to attend the college and this project has highlighted aspects of their own safety around the roads. Working with partner organisations involved in road safety has given the students a first-hand look into the impact that road incidents can have on the lives of young people. The production has provided invaluable work experience for our students and we are delighted with how it has been received in schools.”