Gazelle in action

The Gazelle Impact Report

The Gazelle Colleges Group was founded to create new opportunities for students seeking to create their own futures through a more enterprising and enriching experience at college. The group has invested in the research and action needed to build the case for transformation, and we are pleased to have positioned our colleges in the vanguard of a global campaign for change in the tertiary education sector.

Entrepreneurial youngsters brave Dragon's Den for charity

Teams of high school pupils showed off their best entrepreneurial efforts as they braved the ‘dragon’s den’ at City College Norwich - and raised more than £1,000 for charity.

Pictured: The winning team Hellesdon Sixth Form, all aged 16, from left, Shannon Dack, Jasmin Harris, Jordan Charlick, Lucy Harvey, and Fraser Tuttle. Picture: Denise Bradley

Student Ambassadors

Hannah Vincent

The Student Ambassadors initiative at City College Norwich was a concept originally put forward by a group of enterprising young students themselves and developed by the College in response.