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Introduction to Political Philosophy - £60

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  • Duration
    5 weeks

  • Start Date
    Wednesday 15th July 2020

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    Online Delivery

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Start Date

  • Wednesday 15th July 2020, Part Time


We are excited to launch our new online course 'Introduction to Political Philosophy' with a mixture of live chat, Power Points and other resources. If you are interested in learning about Political Philosophy then this intriguing course if for you.
Week 1 The State of Nature - What would the world be like without any national or local governments or other authorities such as the police, courts or army? 17th century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes argued that without a central authority or ruler a 'Leviathan' society would collapse into a 'state of nature' involving perpetual conflict and life would be 'nasty brutish and short'.
Week 2 Justifying the State - How can philosophers justify the existence of the state and the restrictions they place on the lives of its citizens? What does Locke mean by the idea of a 'social contract' between governments and their citizens? How do citizens give their consent to being ruled and should the state always be obeyed?
Week 3 Who should rule? - What is a democracy and what are its strengths and weaknesses? Plato argued in The Republic that democracy is a weak and corrupt system. We will examine Plato's criticisms of democracy through a series of allegories and his argument that society should be rules by experts known as Philosopher Kings.
Week 4 The Place of Liberty - What is freedom and what are its limits? Is freedom of the individual more important than that of the collective? We examine this topic by looking at the work of John Stuart Mill and Liberalism more generally.
Week 5 The Distribution of Property - What is the philosophical justification for some people owning property while others don't? What is the justification for some people being rich and others poor?
Week 6 Individualism, Justice, Feminism - What is more important the individual or the collective? Why women are often discriminated against and on what basis?
Wednesdays 6-8.30pm 15/07/20 - 19/08/20
You will need audio and video on your computer

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