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Hospitality Enterprise

  • E

    Entry Level

  • Duration
    1 year

  • Start Date
    September 2021

  • Venue
    Ipswich Road

  • Course Code

Start Date

  • September 2021, Full Time


This course is a personalised programme with a focus on preparation for the future beyond college, specialising in hospitality and catering. It is specifically for individuals who have potentially spent a year or more in Supported Learning and are now ready to progress forward into the world of work, or have possibly come back into the college environment after a time of absence. The programme is based around practical skills, preparing individuals for employment in the hospitality vocational area and focuses on their transition away from the college environment and into the world of work. All course work will be integrated into college enterprises or supported work placement. If appropriate, students will undertake independent travel training.

Students on this course take part in setting up:
a food service, with hot food prepared and delivered by students
a tea service, with cakes and drinks prepared and delivered by students and
coffee mornings.

These events take place to push the students in areas that need developing such a communication skills, confidence/team building and money skills. The students raise money for charities and for end of year events for their group. There are opportunities for the students to take part in running stalls and trolley services around the College and at times off site.

A lot of the events are designed by the students giving them a sense of ownership over their curriculum. Alongside the practical timetable there are sessions for students to work on their existing English and Maths Functional Skills. The course runs over 3 days each week.

Why Our College?

Specialist facilities

We have purpose built facilities for our inclusive learning students, including our purpose build Rug Room for students with Autistic Spectrum disorders, and our PAL building, for students who are preparing for adult life.

A centre for excellence

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has named City College Norwich as one of three Centres for Excellence in SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) in England

Bespoke programmes

Our Inclusive Learning courses help you to progress to your next step through our bespoke group programmes delivered by a team of dedicated staff

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course and acceptance will be subject to an interview. The course is designed to assist students in the transition from college to employment in the hospitality vocational area.


The course is designed to assist learners who need support in the transition from college to employment and the aim of the course is to get students job ready.


Assessment is through ongoing target setting and record of work. We also take photographic evidence of completion of activities and projects.


Following completion of the course options could include:
Mint Employment Agency, which offers support with job searching and coaching to allow students with a barrier to employment to progress into the world of work.

Students should have completed a work placement prior to referral by course tutor. Project Search, a CCN course based at NORSE or NNUH. Work experience allows students to gain real work experience and skills with the support of their colleagues. Other options are available and would be discussed at the parents evening meeting whilst on the course.

Career Progression

Work placements are provided so that relevant experience can be gained to help with the transition into the world of work . These are generally offered in the catering sector and can be on site initially to allow students to gain confidence and experience, then they would progress onto other placements. Although if students show interest in other areas this can be discussed with the Job Coach/Work Placement officer. Students progress is monitored whilst on the placements and a reference is taken to support them in their application for their next step.


Students are expected to pay £2 a week to cover the costs of the lunch that they cook and eat every Friday.