Access to Higher Education: Humanities and Social Sciences

The broad-based Access to Humanities and Social Sciences programme will qualify you to study for a wide range of degrees.

Study mode:

AS/ A Level Creative Writing

Develop your creative writing abilities, introducing you to a range of skills to express yourself in fiction and non-fiction

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BA (Hons) Business Management

This program offers a detailied insight into Business Management techniques and is a widely recognised qualification in the workplace.

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BA (Hons) English

This programme focuses on analysis of works of literature and popular culture from different periods

Study mode:

BA (Hons) English and Social Sciences

This programme provides a grounding in Psychology and Sociology combined with the study of English Literature

Study mode:

BA (Hons) Psychology with Sociology

This programme explores psychological and sociological theories and current debates and applies them to social structures and concepts

Study mode:

Careers Guidance Theory

This is a course for Careers Guidance Practitioners, who already have the level 4 NVQ or equivalent.