City Restaurant & Mondo Subs

City Restaurant & Mondo Subs

The City Restaurant is located in the Wroxham building and has a salad deli bar, hot food, sandwiches, subs and soup available in one of the three different areas

Opening Times

The Shop 
8.00am-7.00pm Mon-Thurs
8.00am-5.00pm Fri

Delicious - Deli
10.00am-2.00pm Mon-Fri

Xpress - hot food
10.00am-2.00pm Mon-Fri

The City Shop

Also in the City Restaurant is 'The Shop' where you can grab a daily paper or a quick bite to eat.

Soup and a roll - £1.60
Pizza finger - £1.05
Pies - £1.05
Pannini - £2.35
Chips/Wedges - £1.15

The Sub Starts Here! MONDO SUBS 

All subs come on your choice of either Wholemeal or White sub roll 6” 0r 12”
Simple Sub
Classic Sub
Hot Snack

Some Like it Cold
Simple Sub - 6” £2.25 / 12” £3.75
Very Veggie, Turkey Haha, Mondo Ploughman’s, Tuna Crunch
Classic Sub - 6” £2.80 / 12” £4.30
Ham & Swiss, Beef Mighty, Mondo Club, Chicken Classis, The Italian Job

Some Like it Hot
Hot Snack - 6” - £2.95 / 12” - £4.45
Beef Fajita, Chicken Fajita, Italian Meatballs, Smokey BBQ Chicken, Philly Cheese Steak, Chicken Tikka, Double Cheese Melt
Why not add an Extra
  Meat – 40p
  Cheese – 30p
  Guacamole – 40p
  Houmous – 40p 

This is where the mustard hits the bread
Mondo mayo; Pesto mayo; Mustard mayo; Horseradish mayo; Cajun mayo
Mondo sub dressing; Caesar dressing; Smokey barbeque; Tikka sauce
The works
Lettuce; Tomato;