Contraception Week

Contraception Week

Happy Valentine’s Day  - It’s Contraception Week!

It’s a great idea to think about contraception even if you are not having sex because being prepared makes you more confident and sex more relaxing whenever it does happen.

  • Do you know where to go if you want free condoms or emergency contraception?                                                       
  • Who you can talk to if you are worried about pregnancy and need to do a test?                                                                
  • How can you deal with it if your boyfriend or girlfriend won’t talk about contraception?

Look out for displays in reception and the Wellbeing Zone (Information Store) all week where you can pick up more info.

You can also drop-in to the Wellbeing Zone for a chat on Wednesday (1.00 – 4.00) to have a look at real contraception and ask questions.

Look after yourself and love yourself silly this Valentine’s Day!


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